Israeli Torture Witness Jailed on Trumped-Up Charges

Israeli Torture Witness Jailed on Trumped-Up Charges

by I.P. Dailey, UnPromisedLand channel

STOUGHTON, WI – August 16, 2012. An Israeli magistrate court in Haifa extended the detention of Guy Shamir who has been held without bail since last Friday. The complaint against him alleges that he threatened the children of Esperanza Alon, a family court judge in Haifa. Each day this

week the police extended his detention for an additional 24 hours. Concurrently the state prosecutor’s office announced its intent to indict. Now the prosecution is asking to keep Shamir in jail without bail until the end of the trial.

According to the complaint, the incident arose during a telephone conversation between Alon’s secretary and Shamir on August 6th – four days before Shamir’s arrest. The indictment states that Alon’s secretary called Shamir directly instead of contacting his attorney to make sure that Shamir would clearly receive the judge's ruling against him on the custody of his
children. Shamir allegedly said in response, "I don’t care about the judge’s ruling. Tell her to mind her own children . . . ." At that point the secretary hung up the phone before Shamir could finish his response.

Attorney Raz Misgav, who was appointed yesterday to represent Shamir, points out that the complaint which the police filed against Shamir is only made by the judge’s secretary.
Alon herself did not make a complaint against him at all. Furthermore, the 4-day wait to arrest Shamir is not consistent with seriousness of the allegation - as if the charges were in fact trumped-up.

"I tell you, I saw a lot of wacky claims in my life,” said Misgav. “This claim is the most surreal thing that I have seen so far. He never threatened anyone. The call was cut short by the secretary. Moreover, I certainly will recommend my client
to submit a counterclaim against the police and state prosecutor with the Appellate Court. They arrested him, imprison him without bail and prosecute him over this? It is something completely unrealistic which I have never seen in my career.”

"It is important to note that my client signed affidavits as a witness for lawsuits pending in the United States. These lawsuits allege the Israeli judicial system hunts down divorced fathers exactly as they are doing to my client right now."

On July 12th police raided the home of David Weisskopf, a plaintiff in one of the lawsuits. They confiscated his documents related to his lawsuit against Israeli officials alleging he and other divorced fathers are torture victims. The police confiscated several documents including witness affidavits and reference to another lawsuit pending in New Jersey against the same Israeli officials. Since then, they have been using those confiscated documents to harass plaintiffs and witnesses in these lawsuits. According to an injunction requested today in the New Jersey lawsuit, the Israeli officials are even trying to bully a rabbi into allowing that plaintiff’s body to be desecrated “after his death”. Now Guy Shamir, a divorced father of two, is the latest victimized विटनेस.

“They are using our children as pawns to attack us,” says Weisskopf. “In Shamir’s case they are retaliating by trying to sever all contact between him and his children. I know Guy; he is one of the most loving & gentle fathers I have ever met. Their extreme tactics will only galvanize us in our fight for our children’s basic human rights.”

Social Justice activists have announced they will continue protesting against the arrest of Guy Shamir. They hope that by raising public awareness the government will take notice and clean up corruption that currently permeates the Israeli judicial and welfare systems.

משגב: "זו התביעה ההזויה ביותר שראיתי עד כה"

ע''י אליק מאור

גיא שמיר, פעיל מחאה, נעצר ומואשם על ידי פרקליטות חיפה כי איים על שופטת בית המשפט לענייני משפחה. השופטת לא התלוננה. מזכירתה כן. הבוקר יובא שמיר לדיון בדרישת הפרקליטות לעוצרו עד תום הליכים. פרקליטו ייעץ היום למרשו להגיש מייד בג"ץ נגד משטרת ישראל והפרקליטות על מעצר ותביעת שווא.

[מאמר שלם בעברית נמצא כאן:]


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Israeli Fathers Allege Torture in Lawsuits

HOUSTON, TX - April 26, 2012.  A federal court in Houston this week held its first hearing on a $20 million lawsuit alleging systematic torture upon divorced fathers in the Israeli judicial and welfare systems.  This is one of four lawsuits which Israeli fathers have filed in the United States and Europe.  Legal consultants are also helping the Israeli fathers prepare to file lawsuits in Canada.  David Weisskopf, the plaintiff in the Houston case, describes the Israeli environment as an ‘open season’ on divorced fathers.
   “Men are literally dying,” says Weisskopf.  He points out how 45 froze to death on the “tropical” streets in Israel last winter and that the suicide rate among divorced fathers is more than 250 times higher than the overall Israeli population.  “These statistics are by far the world’s worst and are thanks to all the lobbying, training and ongoing consultation from the defendants.”
   In an unprecedented move, the Houston court is allowing Weisskopf to add parties to his lawsuit regardless of their citizenship.  This opens the door for Israeli fathers to join the American lawsuit as well as immigrant fathers who have endured torture in the Israeli judiciary or welfare system.  The diversity of plaintiffs will show how widespread and systematic the torture has become in the Israeli judicial and welfare systems.
   Nearly two dozen Israeli bureaucrats and their donors have been named as defendants between the four lawsuits – including Israel’s minister of welfare, minister of justice and even a Supreme Court judge.  However, the plaintiffs may have a right to add more defendants which then implicates more Israeli bureaucrats and their American donors.
   Though all the current defendants have been summoned in the American lawsuits, some of them have not yet filed their appearances.  Israeli defendants who fail to appear in American courts may have default judgments entered against them.  Plaintiffs may then petition Israeli courts to enforce default foreign judgments.
   Legal consultants assisting these fathers in Israel plan to use the same tactics against these Israeli bureaucrats to enforce judgments which the Israeli bureaucrats commonly use to harass divorced fathers in Israel - who cannot declare bankruptcy when these bureaucrats drive them into destitution.  These tactics include, stop-orders from leaving the country, revoking driver’s licenses, freezing assets including bank accounts, arrests at 2am and imprisonment in debtor’s prison, garnishing all wages except $375 per month, calling in employers to testify in court, and seeking similar court orders against family members.
   Two of the bureaucrats involved in the lawsuits forced Weisskopf to endure an interrogation at their office within hours of his emergency surgery.  The interrogation lasted an hour though he was suffering from a fractured sinus and bone cyst at the time.  Weisskopf recorded the meeting audibly, superimposed visual animation and posted a three-part satire on YouTube:

   To date the three-part satire has received over 100,000 views ranking them 40th place as the most-viewed Israeli videos on YouTube.  Weisskopf’s inbox has been flooded with messages from police and social workers worldwide denouncing the brutal treatment he endured at the hands of Israeli bureaucrats.  Meanwhile Israeli authorities have stonewalled efforts to investigate wrong-doing by their bureaucrats.
  The international contact for these lawsuits is the Coalition for Children and the Family in Israel (  Jury trial on the first lawsuit has been set for May-June 2013.

Lawsuit in the USA

שלום חברים יקרים
אתמול היה לי דיון הראשון שלי בבית משפט אמריקאי נגד אלה תורמים לג'יהאד פמיניסטית נגד אבות פה בארץ. השופט נתן לי רשות להוסיף כל אב להיות תובע כפי שאני בוחר אם הישראלי, האמריקאי, הקנדי, הקמבודי - לא משנה. אני מזמין כל מי שרוצה להצטרף לענות באופן פרטי לקבלת פרטים נוספים

המשפט נקבע לחודש מאי 2013.
Dear Friends,
Yesterday I had my first hearing in the American court against donors to the feminist jihad against fathers here in Israel.  The judge gave me permission to add any father as a plaintiff whom I will chose whether Israeli, American, Canadian, Cambodian - doesn't matter.  I invite anyone who wants to join to reply privately for more details.
The trial is set for May 2013.
R. David Weisskopf


$26 million suit against Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein International Fellowship Of Christians & Jews.

$26 million suit against Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein International Fellowship Of Christians & Jews.
Published On Tuesday, March 27, 2012 12:46 PM By Eli Daniel

A federal court in New Jersey today has scheduled its first hearing for April 16th on a lawsuit against Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein’s International Fellowship of Christians & Jews, the New Israel Fund and several Israeli officials.

The lawsuit seeks over $26 million from each Defendant, “for gross violations of human rights and torture arising out of an institutionalized discriminatory policy of disengaging and separating fathers from their minor children”. The three Israeli fathers who filed the lawsuit say Eckstein deceives Evangelical Christians by using their donations to support radical feminists in their anti-father crusade to break up the Israeli family.

“These are well-meaning Christians,” says Guy Shamir, spokesman for the Coalition for the Children

& the Family in Israel (CCFI). “They support family values and would be horrified at how Eckstein misuses their donations.” Shamir estimates 9,000 fathers every year get trapped into sub-human conditions in the Israeli judicial system. Last year the United Nations Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights called on Israel to amend its laws to ease the burden on fathers seeking custody or visitation rights with their children. “It amazes me that Eckstein continues to sponsor the anti-father crusade even after all this came to light,” states Shamir.

The lead Plaintiff against Eckstein, Sharon Ben-Haim, claims his ex-wife kidnapped his two year-old daughter from the USA to Israel. When he tried to exercise his parental rights under the Hague Convention on international child abduction; he hit a brick wall in the Israeli legal system. “Words cannot express how much I miss my daughter,” says Ben-Haim, “My hea rt is broken.”

The Ben-Haim custody battle was heard in a New Jersey Superior Court. Bonnie J. Mizdol, the presiding judge in that case, ruled that Ben-Haim’s daughter was being illegally held in Israel and ordered her immediate return to the USA. In her August 25, 2011 ruling Mizdol noted, “This Court finds that the entire situation was laden with duress,” concerning the father’s experience in the Israeli judiciary.

Israeli authorities refuse to honor the court’s order, which Shamir attributes to a massive campaign by feminists to destroy father-child relationships. “Radical feminist groups have deep pockets to threaten Israeli authorities. A substantial portion of those deep pockets are Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein’s American Evangelical donors,” says Shamir.

An Israeli Evangelical father, who does not want to be identified, states his children are being forcibly converted to Orthodox Judaism in the sa me Israeli family courts. “It fundamentally violates the Human Rights Treaty which Israel signed,” he says. “What is worse is American Evangelicals have no idea they actually cause great harm to the Body in Israel by donating to Eckstein.”

Another Plaintiff in this lawsuit, ,
Sol Havivi, is a disabled veteran and single father. He recounts horrible physical and verbal abuse he has suffered while pleading for help. Havivi says he has recordings of an official admitting they distorted their reports to deny him equal access to assistance that they provide to disabled single mothers in similar situations. “Eckstein uses your donated money to perpetuate a fraud against men and has a warped idea of the ‘poor woman’ syndrome,” states Havivi. “Nothing could be farther from the truth.”

The International Fellowship of Christians & Jews (IFCJ) quotes Genesis 12:3, which calls on Gentiles to bless Jews, as their justification for collecting donations from Evangelical Christians. The lawsuit states, “While the donors believe in the strength of the families, IFCJ sends money to organizations
such as Na’Amat in Israel, which are devoted to the break-up of Jewish families, annihilation of men in divorce, and disengagement of fathers from children.”
The IFCJ has already had difficulty securing legal representation in this case. According to the court file, their current attorney is the third after the first two were terminated soon after filing each of their appearances. The IFCJ headquarters in Chicago was not available for comment and their office in Israel was not aware of the lawsuit at the time of this writing.Reference: Sharon Ben Ham, et al vs. Neeman, et al (#2:12-cv-00351-JLL-MAH)
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